On behalf of the entire Peter Island team, we say Thank You! The support and kindness we have felt from all of you during this difficult time has been overwhelming and it has warmed our hearts to know how loved we are, not just as a resort, but as a country and destination in the Caribbean.

We do not have a reopen date yet as this will depend on the progress of the BVI government to restore normal operations, the return of staff, and our rebuild. The combination of these factors will be the basis of our eventual reopen date. Until we are confident we can provide you, our valued Peter Island guests, the experience you deserve, we will not be taking reservations for future bookings.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you once again as a valued guest to Peter Island Resort & Spa in the future. 


Our facials clean, exfoliate and nourish the skin while also increasing circulation, preventing premature aging and minimizing irritation.


90 Minutes $265

The Perle de Caviar Caviaressence Facial relaxes skin tissue by affecting the epidermal tension that creates wrinkles. The relaxing effect on the surface of the muscle helps blur wrinkles and fine lines, and is achieved through a pioneer hexapeptide that delays the appearance of expression lines. The efficacy of its natural “botox-like” action is proven by science and human skin testing and approved by the skin!


60 Minutes $190

A facial treatment for those showing signs of epidermal congestion due to exposure to toxins and pollutants, it infuses every pore with a blast of pure O2xygen®. Our light-as-air formula penetrates the skin and releases pure O2xygen molecules into the epidermal layer to reenergize natural cellular functions and eliminate toxins. A deep O2xygenation and breathing massage further decongests body and mind.


90 Minutes $265

If you’re seeking the ultimate in luxury, it does not get more exquisite than this. The union of sophisticated ingredients with anti-aging properties, the Diamond Lifting Experience penetrates the deepest layers of the skin, bringing out the necessary firmness to help the skin regenerate itself. The Diamond Lifting Facial reinforces the skin’s natural system of defense. It maintains long-lasting hydration, improving elasticity and tone. It also has an anti-stress action, returning natural brightness to the skin while also targeting the surface for a lifting effect.


60 Minutes $190

Do something good for your skin by giving it a boost of energy with 100% pure vitamin C. This antioxidant treatment relieves sun-damaged skin and helps fight the signs of premature aging. A reparative serum containing a high concentration of vitamin C is formulated to improve appearance and stimulate collagen production to renew the skin’s firmness. This facial provides an extraordinary experience for your skin by immersing it in essential vitamins and nutrients.


75 Minutes $250

If you don’t want to worry about choosing the right facial, then let us decide for you! Lie back and relax while one of our trained experts closely analyzes your skin and design a treatment just for you. Treatment includes lymphatic facial massage that helps to tighten and detoxify as well as hands and feet massage.


60 Minutes $190

Highly comforting and regenerative ingredients bring visual results to dilated and congested capillaries. Blotchiness and epidermal irritation are dramatically diminished as a result of a complete desensitizing treatment and decongestive lymphatic massage. The treatment utilizes powerful calming agents, delivering a serious answer to hypersensitivity and rosacea.


60 Minutes $215

Sagging skin, fine lines and dull tones are often tied to maturing skin. This facial is all about switching gears in the aging process. By using active ingredients to zero in on stubborn skin, the Age Defying Facial is a structure repair treatment that addresses the underlying problems of aging at the cellular level. Targeted ingredients work deep within the skin to compensate for the visible effects of hormonal deficiencies, resulting in instantly firmer and glowing skin.


20 Minutes $65 each

This intensive repair treatment is formulated to restore firmness around the delicate eye and lip areas. An anti-wrinkle treatment infuses powerful restructuring ingredients, such as amino acids originating from collagen and elastin, directly into the skin. The result is a visible reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, restoring the skin’s moisture and elasticity. This treatment can be added to any facial for optimal results.


60 Minutes $190

A thorough cleansing protocol based on a cutting-edge, thermo-active, enzymatic detoxifying cure. Enzymatic heat opens and softens pores, while the refreshing botanical elements included in the formula close and purify them. After, a stimulating mask with a deliciously foamy texture efficiently releases its moisturizing, soothing and revitalizing effects on the skin. The final touch is a tinted hydrating veil that provides a radiant and luminous appearance.

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