On behalf of the entire Peter Island team, we say Thank You! The support and kindness we have felt from all of you during this difficult time has been overwhelming and it has warmed our hearts to know how loved we are, not just as a resort, but as a country and destination in the Caribbean.

We do not have a reopen date yet as this will depend on the progress of the BVI government to restore normal operations, the return of staff, and our rebuild. The combination of these factors will be the basis of our eventual reopen date. Until we are confident we can provide you, our valued Peter Island guests, the experience you deserve, we will not be taking reservations for future bookings.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you once again as a valued guest to Peter Island Resort & Spa in the future. 

Rates, Packages & Special Offers

The perfect way to have it all and get away from it all.

An island of luxury in a sea of indulgence. All around you, in the quietude of this private Eden, there is beauty to behold – majestic vistas painted by the sun and sky, accompanied by the timeless sonata of wind and sea. There is something for everyone on Peter Island. Whether you’re looking for a special offer, a once-in-a-lifetime exclusive package or a romantic Caribbean getaway, you’ll find it on Peter Island.

Special Offers

Our special offers are a perfect way to experience the best of Peter Island for a fraction of the cost.

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