On behalf of the entire Peter Island team, we say Thank You! The support and kindness we have felt from all of you during this difficult time has been overwhelming and it has warmed our hearts to know how loved we are, not just as a resort, but as a country and destination in the Caribbean.

We do not have a reopen date yet as this will depend on the progress of the BVI government to restore normal operations, the return of staff, and our rebuild. The combination of these factors will be the basis of our eventual reopen date. Until we are confident we can provide you, our valued Peter Island guests, the experience you deserve, we will not be taking reservations for future bookings.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to welcoming you once again as a valued guest to Peter Island Resort & Spa in the future. 

Peter Island in the News

Luxury Magazine's What's What - Do

Feast on jerk chicken, grilled seafood, and callaloo stew when Peter Island Resort & Spa throws it's first Caribbean Food Festival on November 11 and 12. A beach barbecue with umbrella drinks and seven-course, sit-down dinner (with rum) followed by dancing are on the calendar. A three-night (November 10-13) festival package from $2,148.

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Exclusive British Virgin Islands Getaways

The chain of islands that make up The British Virgin Islands share the same azure blue waters as other landmasses, but they are distinctive from their Caribbean neighbors in many ways. Island life in the BVI goes at a slower, but friendlier pace.

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Places We Would Travel To For The Food Alone

Have you ever eaten at a restaurant, hotel or cafe abroad where the food was so utterly mind blowing that you would buy a whole new flight just to relive that moment again?

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Wellness Travel at Peter Island Resort & Spa

Peter Island Resort & Spa, a private island in the British Virgin Islands, is set on 1,800 tranquil acres with five unspoiled beaches, four incredible villas and 52 charming beachfront and ocean-view rooms. It’s casual enough to feel unstuffy, but it’s also one of the most romantic and relaxing destinations you will ever discover.

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Savor the Flavor at Peter Island Resort’s First Annual Food Festival!

The 2016 British Virgin Island’s Food Festival is coming in bigger and tastier than ever! November will be filled with competitions, demonstration kitchens and cooking with the island’s best chefs.

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Peter Island Is Launching a Caribbean Food Festival

The Peter Island Resort & Spa Caribbean Food Festival will make its debut the weekend of November 11-12, 2016 in celebration of the British Virgin Islands’ “BVI Food Fete.”

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Peter Island Resort & Spa Debuts Caribbean Food Festival

November is foodie month in the British Virgin Islands. Known as BVI Food Fete, the month long event includes cook-offs, bar crawls, and lobster festivals. This year, BVI favorite Peter Island Resort & Spa is hosting its first annual Caribbean Food Festival weekend as part of BVI Food Fete.

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PIRS First Annual Caribbean Food Festival Debuts with Top Chefs from the Caribbean, New Orleans & NY

The Peter Island Resort & Spa Caribbean Food Festival makes its debut the weekend of November 11-12, 2016 in celebration of the British Virgin Island’s 'BVI Food Fete' which takes place every November for the entire month.

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12 Unique Things To Do In The British Virgin Islands

Indeed, visitors soon discover there is plenty more to the British Virgin Islands than one prominent island. One of the world’s finest sailing destinations, it is a mecca for recreational yachts as well as racing boats, thanks to its gentle trade winds and calm waters.

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8 vacation hot spots for serious treasure hunters

From pirates who left behind buried booty to gold miners whose legendary stash was never discovered, there are plenty of mysteries out there about cash, gold and assorted treasure yet to be found.

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