The team at Peter Island Resort and Spa would like to thank you for your continued interest and support over the past several years since we had to suspend operations due to the hurricanes. We remain committed to reopening this treasured British Virgin Island resort, and throughout 2023, will provide progress updates. In the meantime, please subscribe to our e-newsletter HERE if you have not already to receive future communications.

We look forward to welcoming you once again as a valued guest to Peter Island.

Peter Island in the News

Your Own Private Caribbean Islands

For the ultimate retreat, skip the better-known locales in favor of these 11 under-the-radar islands where privacy and exclusivity reign.

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Your Very Own Piece of Paradise

Only 300 of the 1,800 acres here have been developed, leaving visitors with plenty of room to roam. Options include parking it on one of five beaches, heading to the spa for a dosha diagnostic from an ayurvedic therapist, or hitting up Drake's Lounge, where there are more than 25 types of rum on the menu., doubles from $450.

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Where to Escape Winter: 11 Romantic Private Island Resorts to Book Now

Blue skies, turquoise seas, white beaches, swaying palms. A breeze in your hair, a drink in your hand, sand between your toes. Many of us would book the next flight out, if only we could, no matter what was going on at home. But when home is subzero, with fog and dreary winter rain, the appeal of playing island castaway becomes hard to override.

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Four Top Caribbean Hotels on Private Islands

What is more luxurious than a Caribbean vacation on a private Caribbean island? If your budget lines up with this bucket list desire, then here are four top Caribbean hotels on private islands you should know of.

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Get Outside: These 13 Hotels Are Luring Guests Outdoors With These Incredibly Cool Things To Do

What’s the point of a vacation if you’re not going to really get out there and experience what the destination has to offer? If you’re not going to put down your mobile phone, close your laptop and power down your tablet, why are you even there?

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The Best Beach Resorts in the British Virgin Islands

Peter Island Resort & Spa: Honeymooners love this romantic retreat, where they can snuggle up in one of 52 sumptuous beachfront, marina and hillside rooms and then spread out on five seductive strands (one appropriately named Honeymoon Beach).

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Which Caribbean Island is Right for You?

In winter, the idea of escaping to a Caribbean island probably occurs to each of us at least once a day—and thanks to increased seasonal flights to the region, it’s never been easier to put that plan into action.

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Five of the Best Romantic Hotels

Candlelit dinners, a private pool, a secret beach just for the two of you… Why not celebrate St. Valentine's Day with an escape to one of these dreamy Caribbean boltholes?

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Honeymoons and Destination Weddings in the British Virgin Islands

Destination weddings are all about providing memorable experiences for couples and their guests, and the best resorts host a lavish and exotic affair while delivering everything from fine dining and unique event settings to exciting activities that help seal the bond between the bride and groom and their guests, says Marianne Weiman-Nelson of Special Occasions, Inc.

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True Luxury Experiences at the BVI's Peter Island Resort

Every private island resort is, by definition, exclusive: you can't stay if you're not a guest. But it's experiences that help elevate the Peter Island Resort in the British Virgin Islands from merely exclusive to extraordinary.

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