The team at Peter Island Resort and Spa would like to thank you for your continued interest and support over the past several years since we had to suspend operations due to the hurricanes. We remain committed to reopening this treasured British Virgin Island resort, and throughout 2022, will provide progress updates. In the meantime, please subscribe to our e-newsletter HERE if you have not already to receive future communications.

We look forward to welcoming you once again as a valued guest to Peter Island.

Peter Island in the News

Take Your Bedroom on an Island Vacay

Alexis Johnson from The Nest travels to the Caribbean to captures the island look. Johnson shares affordable décor pieces so you can take your bedroom to the Caribbean.

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New Learn-to-Sail and Island-Style Spa Boot Camp Adventures Launched at Peter Island Resort & Spa

Peter Island Resort & Spa is delighted to launch two new, adventurous experiences showcasing the natural land and sea wonders of the British Virgin Islands.

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Travel By Terry: "A Perfect Slice of Paradise"

Have you ever yearned desperately to get away for a few days from the hectoring demands of daily life? No, I mean really get somewhere exotic, somewhere enchanting, somewhere shamelessly exclusive. On the one hand, you only have a few precious days at your disposal because we both know that the world could easily run aground upon uncharted shoals without your steady hand at the helm! We simply can’t risk Western civilization as we know it by having you fly halfway around the world to get somewhere. On the other hand, you’re not the type who is willing to accept the pedestrian or prosaic in exchange for mere proximity. What you need is a place relatively close yet somehow worlds away. How does one find such a place?

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About Time Magazine: World's Most Secluded Beaches

Pleasure is peeling off your clothes and forgetting about them on the empty shoreline of a private beach before running into the shallow, vacant surf. Fact. Forget jostling for a space on a packed, pulsating hot beach, almost tripping up over the sprawling shelters and toddlers snaking around your ankles – if you’re one to treasure basking uninterrupted in the sun’s rays, then these incredible and indulgent resorts with private beaches are just for you. Sit back, relax and admire a vista of rippling waves, with not a human to blemish the view.

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The Best Caribbean Beaches for Everything

We go to beaches for a purpose, and in the Caribbean we are fortunate to have a beach for just about any occasion. The Caribbean Journal highlights the best beaches for everything from private islands to white sand and calm waters.

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Caribbean Bliss in the British Virgin Islands

For an authentic Caribbean experience with a laid back luxury vibe come along with the Emmy award-winning creator and host of Travel Therapy TV, Karen Schaler, as she takes you island hopping in the British Virgin Islands checking out private island resorts, Peter Island and Scrub Island and the breathtaking islands of Virgin Gorda and Jost Van Dyke. With award-winning beaches, cuisine, resorts and beach bars, watch and see why the BVI is a Travel Therapy favorite.

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The Caribbean's Best Spas of 2014

With healing waters, inspiring nature and dreamy vistas, you might say that the Caribbean itself is one big spa. But when you’re looking for a that extra level of relaxation and therapy, the region has you covered, with some of the best spas in the world, many of which use a combination of natural ingredients and internationally-renowned products.

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Peter Island Resort & Spa's Summer Villa Rental Program Returns

This summer, trade in the over-crowded Hamptons or Cape Cod for a laid back luxury villa on a private island. Peter Island Resort & Spa’s Summer Villa Rental Program comes with warm Caribbean hospitality, a wide variety of island activities and a savings of up to 50 percent off regular rates.

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Fibre Magazine's Ultimate Travel Destination for this Summer

Unlike many other villa rentals, this idyllic private island in the BVIs offers far more than just sun and sea! With some of the world’s most exceptional sailing and snorkelling on its doorstep, authentic Caribbean grilling and mixology classes, weekly wine connoisseur dinners, and the island’s very own Island-Athlon challenge for workout warriors, Peter Island’s 3 luxury villas, Falcon’s Nest, Crow’s Nest and Hawk’s Nest, offer an unforgettable villa experience.

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Stylist Magazine Visits Peter Island Resort and Spa

Stylist Magazine visited Peter Island Resort & Spa, referring to the beach front junior suites and ocean view rooms as "luxurious and close to the action," On a clear night, the writers recommend taking a ride up to the highest point to watch the sunset, describing it as "the sun melting down over the bending coastline and distant islands makes for a romantic vista." Stylist summarizes the island's accommodations, food, and general vibe, helping potential visitors to picture what a vacation on Peter Island would be like.

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